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Outdoor Lighting Columns

Lighting Columns for Exercise Areas

Jerol lighting columns are a great choice for illuminating exercise areas. Poles are installed alongside the exercise area with overhead lines between them and a luminaire on every pole.

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Each column is made from fibreglass reinforced polyester and completely covered in a 3-4mm thick shell of dyed polyethylene.
The inner layer has a high resistance to chemicals, moisture, vermin and pests, as well as physical impact. Before leaving the factory, all poles are fitted with a cap to prevent water and moisture from entering. See photo.


Columns are delivered with illumination heights ranging from 4.5-8m.


Our products are lightweight, a column with a 6m illumination height weights only 97kg.


Wires can be affixed with U-nails in predrilled holes. See picture on the right.

Reference Project

Jerol lighting columns for electrical lighting arms are an economical alternative and have been installed all over Sweden. See more in our Reference Project.