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Cable Ducts

Cable Ducts

Our environmentally friendly cable ducts are used to carry and protect cables over streams and dikes without impacting the environment.
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Jerol cable ducts are clean and odourless composite posts made from fibreglass reinforced polyester. A 3mm thick shell of solid polyethylene covers the entire outside of the post and protects it from weather and UV-damage.
This combination of materials has a high resistance to chemicals, moisture, vermin and pests, as well as physical impact.

Length and Dimensions

Ducts are produced in lengths from 4-14m. Other lengths are available on request.
The ducts are available in three different inner-diameters, Ø140 mm, Ø190mm and Ø240 mm.


Our environmentally friendly cable duct is used to carry and protect cables over streams and dikes without impacting the environment.


Ducts do not impact nor are affected by the environment, in addition to retaining their positive qualities over a long lifespan.

Occupational Health & Safety

Our products are non-toxic, and general safety precautions must be followed. See also the material safety data sheet (MSDS) in chapter 11: Environmental Aspects, of the Jerol Handbook.

Storage and Handling

There are no special requirements when storing Jerol products as they are completely non-toxic. Dismantled products can be reused and damaged sections can be recycled or responsibly disposed of in landfill.


Poles can be transported alongside other goods.

Environmental Impact

Our products are non-toxic, non-greasy and do not leach. This makes them the perfect choice for installation in environmentally sensitive areas.


Our poles have a calculated lifespan of more than 80 years, this is based on 50 years practical experience of composite poles in corresponding climates.

Reference Project

Jerol poles make excellent cable ducts, see more in our Reference Project.