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Rolf Jernström

Chairman of the Board

Om Rolf

Rolf is chairman of the board and works closely with Tom and Anders. Responsible for research and development, Rolf is continually developing new and existing products. He is a born technician which is evident in both an efficient production process and user-friendly products. Rolf began sketching the production machines in the mid 90’s following increasing demands for fibreglass composite traffic safety poles. He developed the first fiberglass pole 40 years ago and has a great understand of the materials, right down to the molecular level. As founder, owner and former CEO of Jerol, Rolf is also involved with and contributes valuable knowledge and insight to certain customer projects and assignments. Rolf comes from Finland, and it is there he gained his engineering foundation in Finnish industry. In his spare time, Rolf enjoys relaxing in his cottage in the Finnish Archipelago.

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